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So today I wanted to write an article about the beautiful countries where I've been in my life, since I love travelling so much.
Let's get started


I went to Palma de Mallorca and that was my first trip abroad. I went there a lot of years ago with my family. I love Spain and spanish and I wanna go back in the future to travel more and see more places there.

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One of my fav country where I've been. I was on a cruise with my family and I got to see beautiful islands such as Santorini (the best), Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, Koo and Samo. It was magical, I loved the architecture and I want to go back so back bc I don't even have good pictures, I wanna enjoy more of those places, local food and stay longer than the last time.

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I went there for one day during the cruise and so I only visited one city, Izmir. For what I remember it was the biggest city I've ever seen. People were so sociable and nice to us, we met a taxi driver who took us to the main monuments to see there and we had fun. We also went to a local market with clothes, shoes, purses and food.

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I've been there twice. First time with my school for a week, I stayed near Canterbury, I went to school in the morning and lived by a local family. Second time with my mum for two days, I went to see the Sleeping With Sirens concert in London, I loved the experience, but I missed the flight to come back!

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I went there with my family for a week to visit one of my mum's friends who went living there. We stayed at his home and visited Beograd, the capital, but also some lakes and rivers near there. It was a very pretty, clean and organized city, the trip was so relaxing !

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My fav place ever. I went there for a week with four other girls from high school and two teachers. It was an exchange trip with guys and girls from different countries in Europe so I meet a lot of new people.
I love different cultures and in Germany I finally had the opportunity to share everything with people and have a great time! I went in Dussendorf, Koln and I lived in Soest.
Also German is my fav language (I studied languages at the high school) and I was so in love when I was there, earing people talking. It was December, there was a Weihnachtsmarkt in my city, the weather was freezing but wintery and so magical. Definetely want to go back !

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I went to Paris last summer for four days with my family but I didn't enjoy the trip because we had 6 hours of flight delay so we actually wasted our first day there, arriving at 6 pm at the hotel. The second day we went to the Louvre and after lunch I started feeling bad. I went to the hotel and I stayed there for the last days of the trip with vomit, gastroenteritis and a temperature. I couldn't eat anything and I was alone bc I wanted my family to visit a little bit more the city, and not giving it up for me.
I was so happy to come back.

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So these were all my destinations, and for thoso of you who don't know I'm from Italy and I lolololove my country. I have a collections with pictures I take, a lot of it is italian food and Rome, the best city in the world:

Travel the world, but remember to love your city first .

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Just book right now your next trip to one of these amazing places !

Thanks for reading and see u soon