hey guys! since my closet's getting torn down today and i've been saving up to go shopping for the first time in, like, 10 months, i thought i'd show you guys some of my favourite styles of clothing and why i love them. i'm hoping you'll be able to get some inspiration from these, and update them so they align with your own personal style!

1. button-ups

i love button-ups so much! they give off kind of a business-casual vibe, especially if you tuck them into something more laid-back like frayed denim shorts, but you can also go a little more formal and wear it with a pencil skirt and a blazer. while lighter colours have that beachy feel and make you look a little like a pirate with really good fashion sense, dark colours and luxe materials have a more mysterious look to them.

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3. bright colours

ok, so i never used to wear bright colours because they, obviously, make you stand out quite a bit. though i feel like over time bright colours have slowly integrated themselves into my closet! i've found that a really simple way to wear them would be to keep all that colour to one piece - like a bright top and jeans, or a white shirt and coloured bottoms. a classic shift dress in a solid pattern would work well with simple white sneakers.

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3. stripes and gingham

i don't wear a lot of patterns (my heart stays with the solids) but i have a soft spot for stripes and gingham! they look so polished - especially when they're paired nicely - unlike some patterns which look really messy. stripes, or to be more exact, vertical stripes, sort of lengthen your figure so you look taller and slimmer than you actually are, while gingham has that really cute vintage vibe, particularly when it's black and white and matched with another neutral solid.

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4. sweaters

this is probably something that a lot of people love, but i just have so much appreciation for the invention of sweaters! not just oversized sweaters, but also the kind of form-fitting, slightly cropped ones as well. an oversized sweater can be made into a cute, cozy outfit super easily by pairing it with a denim skirt or jeans, while a cropped, fitting sweater gives off such a classic vibe - it also provides a really amazing silhouette for your figure. they come in all different textures, too - i especially knitted and fuzzy ones.

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5. shoes + accessories

i'm going to combine these two into one point, since i want to keep this short and sweet! for shoes, i love sneakers so much - they're versatile, easy-to-pair and so comfortable. you can dress them up or down, too; pair them with a shift dress for a brunch outfit, or with jeans and a plain tee if you need to throw on something and run. boots are also a staple for me - ankle boots look super stylish with basically everything, while knee-highs give off a really cool, badass vibe. for accessories, i usually wear dainty jewelry - small necklaces, pearl/diamond earrings. i just find them a lot easier to match with outfits, although statement necklaces are very useful for giving something a little more colour.

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so there we have it! i hope you guys enjoyed this article - writing this was honestly so fun, plus i think it gave me some ideas to improve on my own personal style. hopefully this can give you guys some ideas on how to work on your own too, happy styling!