It's the #ThisIsMeChallenge with kinda my own categories. Just for fun to see what it looks like.

Gonna start...

Wannabe Style

beautiful, pink, and vintage image outfit, fashion, and skirt image fashion, dress, and outfit image fashion, summer, and outfit image

Actual Style

david gilmour, legend, and music image hair, girl, and blonde image skater, tumblr, and vans image shirt, clothes, and plaid image


ocean, summer, and travel image aesthetic, nature, and blue image Image by muffin sky, clouds, and paint image


music, vintage, and indie image adventure, amsterdam, and bike image book, sea, and beach image cupcake, cake, and sweet image

An Animal

Image removed


flowers, diamond, and quotes image quotes, sarcasm, and art image band, music, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


quotes, john lennon, and life image book, figs, and sylvia plath image quotes, life, and sad image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


aesthetic, alternative, and color image quotes, sad, and grunge image sad, empty, and happy image Dr. House image black and white, introvert, and issues image alone, Darkness, and empty image

Dreams / Goals

true true image quote, life, and summer image


book, quote, and read image


grease, couple, and movie image into the wild, movie, and travel image


Inspiring Image on We Heart It
how i met your mother, Barney Stinson, and himym image friends, rachel, and Joey image
sherlock, john watson, and mrs hudson image


music, Best, and text image
dire straits image
the beatles, john lennon, and Paul McCartney image Abba, 70s, and music image
kraftklub and in schwarz image black and white, one republic, and guys image


nature, photography, and trip image party image light, room, and bedroom image light, lantern, and night image light, stars, and night image stars, love, and couple image friends, summer, and beach image light, night, and moon image

So yeah, guess that's it.

Try it yourself...