Mexico is one of the most countries who have an extense history and a beautiful culture.

I really love Mexico (I’m proud of being mexican) and these are the reasons.

Mexico has an extraordinary variety of delicious food. We have tacos, tortas, tamales, chilaquiles, enchiladas, sopes, quesadillas, etc. And nobody can resist it.

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Not even cops can resist the garnachas

We have modern an classic buldings and it brings magic to the city.

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Costumes and traditions
One of the most popular traditions is The Day of the Death , but we also celebrate The Independence Day and many more.

Costumes are different in every state and all of them are beautiful.

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Touristic Places
There’s not only Cancún, Los Cabos and Mexico City. We have many other places that are great to visit. In Mexico, we have what are called ”Pueblos Mágicos” which are amazing.

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Peña de Bernal, Qro. Mexico.
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Popocateplt Volcano, Puebla, Mexico.
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Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexio.

You can find Color everywhere
Wherever you go, you will find colorful views.

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Mexican music is unique and is worldwide known. Art and Paintings are probably one of the most representative things we have to offer.

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Mexico has one of the most diverse society. One characteristic that people have is kindness and warmth.

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