hello loves its naveen,
sense my last article about underrated aesthetic songs was enjoyed by so many people i decided to make another one!
before i jump right into this article i would like to say it would be very helpful if you guys messaged me topics you would want me to talk about/write an article about! it would give me ideas and also maybe help you guys as well :')
hope you enjoy!
p.s i also included my personal rating of the song, you can find all of these songs on youtube and most of them on spotify
the burn marks on my epiano won't go away by: alex (8/10)

figure (a) by: bil (8/10)

sad and boujii by: elijah who (11/10) (my favorite)

in luv by: luv.ly ( 7/10)

my my my! by: trove sivan (10/10)

5:25pm by: the deli (7/10)

wonderful life by: fries ( 10/10)

waking up in the park by: j'san (9/10)