Hi, my loves I hope that you're having an amazing 2018 start. So today I want you to know more about me. So I will tell you some things about me.

1.- My name is Nora.

Image by teengirl

2.- I was born in Morrocco, but I'm living in Spain ( Barcelona ).

Casablanca, islam, and mosque image white, architecture, and travel image

3.- I'm 18 years old, and 10 may I will be 19.

hailey baldwin, 18, and birthday image birthday, pink, and 19 image

4.- I have a little sister and a little brother.

5.- I love listening to music, it relaxes me so much and I enjoy it so much.

casette, musica, and sneakers image music, volume, and headphones image

6.- I love fashion so much, I could watch hours and hours fashion websites and get inspiration.

Here's my fashion collection!

7.- I would love to travel to so many places.

sky, travel, and clouds image car, vintage, and travel image

8.- I love to write articles, so I will try this 2018 to write a lot of articles about a lot of themes.

vintage, typewriter, and write image book, write, and writing image

I hope you enjoy it my loves and know me better. See you really son with a new article <3 I love you!