Hello, my loves.
As I promised, here is my experience from Romania.

Trip to Romania was a birthday gift from my parents. They know how much I love to travel (don’t we all do?) so their ideal present was to send me abroad to celebrate the New Year. Thank you mum and dad!

In general, I had a very nice time! Promise! But, there were some things that I didn’t like. And very soon you will understand why:

1. We were in the hostel, which would be totally fine if I wasn’t in the room with six males. I mean, really??
2. We didn’t have a bathroom as a part of the room. We had to share it with everyone on the same floor.
3. There was no hot water. C’mon! It’s december/january and I am taking the shower with the cold water.
4. Funny thing about the electricity... It was on again off again. And when it’s off, there’s no wifi so I wasn’t able to talk to my friends and parents back in Serbia...
5. The only thing I didn’t like about the city – ’’not touristic’’ places were dirty. Totally opposite from the touristic places which give the picture of the perfect, clean city.

But I am not here to complain. I did’t let all those things stop me from enjoying the Romania and its good things. There are good things as well!!!

1. The guys in the room were very nice and funny. From the very morning they managed to make me laugh buy joking around.
2. The city is very nice. Touristic places are clean. And If I may say, Bucarest really has so much to offer.
3. In the main street you have all types of the restaurants like: Arabic, Turkish, Greek... Whatever you want.
4. In Pitesti, the opening time in every store is 10am. People get to sleep way more than here in Serbia considering we open our stores at 8am. I didn’t get the chance to see at what time stores open in Bucarest because no one worked on 1st January.
5. Park! Herastrau park is amazing! I believe it is way more beautiful in spring/summer, but heey, looks good in winter too!

That was it for this post. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for stopping by.
See you soon!
Xoxo, M!