Wow, I'm surprised my article got that much love lol. Here's part two and I hope yall enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for the love! So, here we go:

R. Kelly: Your Body's Callin'
R. Kelly: Step In My Room
R. Kelly: You Remind Me of Something
Maxwell: Fortunate
Tamia: You Put A Move On My Heart
R. Kelly: Get Up On A Room
H-Town: Knockin' Da Boots
H-Town: Lick U Up
H-Town: Baby I Wanna
Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo: Nothing Even Matters (SN: this song puts me in my feelings.)
Lauryn Hill: The Sweetest Thing
Tamia: Rain On Me
Tamia: Who Do You Tell?
Tamia: This Time It's Love
Tamia: Never Gonna Let You Go
Guy: Piece of My Love
Jon B: I Ain't Going Out (SN: can someone tell me what song he sampled?? Pleaseeeee)
Keith Sweat: I'll Give All My Love To You
Joe: All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)
Jodeci: Cry For You
Jodeci: Come and Talk To Me
Jodeci: U and I
Bryan McKnight: Anytime
Mary J Blige: I Never Wanna Live Without You
Mary J Blige: My Life
Mary J Blige: Share My World
D'Angelo: Lady
Maxwell: ...Till the Cops Come Knockin'
Maxwell: Whenever Wherever Whatever
Maxwell: Sumthin' Sumthin'
Eric Benet, Tamia: Spend My Life With You
R. Kelly: Half On A Baby
Maxwell: The Lady Suite (Live from MTV Unplugged) SN: Maxwell sounds like pure gold when he performs live
H-Town: A Thin Line Between Love & Hate

That's it yall! I hope yall enjoy it as much as the other one. For everyone that's boo'd up make sure yall play this when you and ya lil boo are laid up.. I promise issa vibe! lol. For everyone that's single, like moi, be patient ya boo coming and when he/she do play this!
SN: I wanted to put Sade and Anita Baker in this, but they're the 80s so I refrained from putting them in here.
Anyway, I'll probably put this in a Spotify playlist.

UPDATE: here's the playlist link

Peace and hair grease!