what questions you asked your self after a year in a relationship?
of course the point of every relationship is happiness, and after one year people change a lot. Are you still dreaming and wanting the same things that you did a year ago? and if you are, are you still gettin this things from your so.

I've over a year in a relationship, it has ups and downs, just like everything in life, my so has a Little problema with compromise itself, every talk about the future freaks him out, he doesnt tell me, but I know. After a year of relationship I wondered what is making this relationship last?

After the cupcake phase of the relationship, thats when you cant stop seeing or talking about this person and every Little fight seems just not worth it, comes the ''slap''
this is when the fights you used to have back in cupcake phase took place in your mind and there is no way back from there, is up to you and your s.o to decide if its worth it-
the phase after that is the hit of reality. you realize why you are really with this person and that you want them for future stuff, like house, dog or something.
This is the phase that I'am right now.
Over a year of relationship gave this feeling.