As the Church Bells rang all over the City and the sky was Lightend by the Beautifful Fire Works and every one was Screaming Happy new Year, i felt a new Hope rush through my Lungs, My veins and into my Heart. I never got to understand why People Loved the New Years Eve so much, maybe i never was broken enough to understand it. To understand that the New Year is a new Chance to go through same Months and Seasons without the same Pain, without doing the same Mistakes at least we Hope. I never got to understand that the New Year was a New Hope.
and for the first time i made ya Resolutions, To love unconditionally to live and dare do things wich i never did before. not to take anything for Granded and to enjoy myHappiness. I chose to take care of my Self, Stop thinking about boys and hoping that the ríght one may come to day and the end i cry the Whole night, no i chose to study till late at night becouse thats more worth it. Pain blinded me the last Year and not only me but als other many People all over the world so i say lets dare to live this year again. I cant Promise that it will be Painless year or a Year withought any Trobles , no i cant but i can tell you that its new Chance.So lets get out of the Pain Cage and dare to love again, dare to dream again and Believe again. Lets make this Year worth it.