Yea you've probably heard this everywhere but take it seriously it will do wonders for you! Try drinking 2L every day but don't drink a lot every day because about 6L every day can (depends on various factors) lead to water intoxication. I have been drinking 2 liters every day since the ending of last year to today and my skin improved since last year. So quit with the juice & chocolate milk. Plus adding fruits to your water can help too!!
2L= 2 16.9 water bottles.

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Your skincare routine is an essential part of getting clear skin. Find out whether your skin is oily or dry or both (combination skin) then buy the products that help your type of skin. Also, it would be better if you check the ingredients in any skincare products you buy just to make sure it's not anything bad.

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Cut the fast food and junk food and start with the fruits and veggies sis. Clearing your skin doesn't always happen from the outside, but the inside as well.

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Without sleep, your body can"t process things. It's good to get 8+ hours of sleep each night to ensure you're well rested for the next day.

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If you don't know, stress can cause acne. To relieve stress you should take a bubble bath or take a little relaxing break to calm yourself down read a good book, try a face mask, or hang with your friends.

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Don't touch ya face
Change your pillowcase every few weeks
Move your hair out of your face
Wash your face 2x a day, keep it clean
Always remove makeup from your face when you go to bed
Don't pick at your acne

Well, that is the end of my article, just know that having acne does not mean you're ugly!! Have a good day/night loves 💗!