I love my country so much! It is the biggest and one of the mightiest countries in the world. I wish the world would see and acknowledge its beauty more. I want more people to come and explore this beautiful country. This is why I wrote this article. There are many articles about other traveling destinations, but not Russia; I decided to change that! Hope you enjoy!!

Russian Cities

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Russian cities are amongst the most beautiful cities in the world. They capture your breath and keep you captive with their beauty. There are so many things to do and try and many picture-perfect spots.

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Krasnodar
  • Kazan
  • Sochi
  • Grozny
  • Kalingrad
  • Novosibirsk


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Russian nature is beyond beautiful. Russia is the biggest country in the world taking up the most space. Its nature stretches out vast and far. It has everything; lakes, fields, mountains, meadows, forest, volcanos, hills, etc.
It's also a fun experience to go on the Trans Siberian train that will take you around the whole country, showcasing you what Russia has to offer.


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Russian cuisine is delicious and will always fill your stomach. When traveling to Russia it is a MUST to try all of the foods pictured above. Russians love to eat and they love to eat well. So enjoy!!

  • Oladya
  • Borscht
  • Blini
  • Piroshki
  • Olivier Salad
  • Pelmeni


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As you may have noticed by now, Russian woman are stunningly beautiful. Russian woman are known for their beauty. They all have beautiful facial features and bodies. Listed above are some of the most beautiful Russian woman. There are a lot of well know models that are Russian beauties such as Irina Shayk, Natalia Vodianova, Natasha Poly, and Kate Grigorieva. Two of which (Irina and Kate) walked in the Victorias Secret Fashion Show.

  • Irina Shayk
  • Natalia Vodianova
  • Diana Melison
  • Alena Shishkova
  • Anastasia Reshetova
  • Kate Grigorieva

Russian Winter

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Russia is so beautiful in the winter. Is it cold? Yes, very! But do not let that stop you from going and exploring! Layer yourself up in warmth and go explore! Russia was made for the winter. Everything is so much more magical, alive and beautiful in the winter time. The buildings are all lit up, sparkly and decorated; there is a holiday cheer, laughter, and the snow adds to this bliss.

There is so much more to this beautiful country. I will forever love my motherland. Feel free to come visit and explore this beautiful, vast and underrated country. If you want me to tell you more about Russia or specfic themes about Russia or Russians feel free to ask; I would be more than happy to.

Forever a Russian girl
- Elizaveta Teplov