Hi guys, my name is Ana and I'am from Brazil. Today I thought it will be a great idea to share with you what I think are the most important things in life, hope you like it (:

Don´t forget that whatever happends, they will try to help you because they love you. Be patiant with them, the only thing that they want is your life to be great. Yes, I know sometimes they stress you out or make you do things you don´t wanna do, justo talk to them, if they don´t listen, try to act different and show them you aren´t happy with that.

Okay.. I know its difficult sometimes, and you can´t be happy with yourself all the time, but it is really important to you to put youself on first place. Don´t try to be perfect, but try to understand that thats your life and you can´t change that, accept it and accept you! you are beautiful just the way you are, remember all that you´ve been trought... you are strong and if you don´t love yourself you can´t love others.

Yeap, that is important too.. imagine you with 60 year old and having some issues? no one wants that, try to eat healthy (not ALL the time). In the morning eat fruits and wholemeal bread if you can. At lunch try replacing a part of the carbohydrate with protein or vegetables. In the afternoon eat more fruits and something that you like and at night try eating something with more vegetables ( don´t need to follow this routine all day, but only 4 times a week, and you will see a change).

Try running in the morning or dancing at the afternoon, it is really fun and you are going to lose some calories (;

Don´t be that type of person that spends all day in the house, I know its difficult to get out haha but you need to socialize or maybe just spend time with youself out. Try reading in the fresh air, walk with dogs or invite someone to go out with you for a walk, take advantage and buy something that you like... maybe a snack will be good (:

If you didn´t make it this time, you can try it again! You are strong and have the power to do whatever you want, remember that! Everyone has difficulties in life, don´t get down because of that.

try learning new things, if you think you can´t draw, watch a tutorial and improve it, if you like to dance, go to a place that you like and do it! like to cook? learn new recipes and write them down. DON´T MATTER WHAT YOU DO, BUT BE HAPPY!!

Well guys, that is it.. If you like it please heart it <3 so I can write more for you. Love you (: