Hey beauties xx

sorry its been a while.. but i hope this makes up the time.

My goal in life is to inspire all children of color to be happy in their own skin. To see heir skin color as a gift and not a punishment. Some may think that God made a mistake creating them by making them darker than everyone else. But God makes NO mistakes.

The world started in Africa, meaning that everyone BC and AD (a little while after) was black. Then when people started moving to other continents and countries, they lost melanin. Some have a huge amount of melanin, some are in the middle, some have little. I'd like to say I'm in the middle because I have a chocolate-caramel skin color.

I never really felt good in my own skin until like the summer before my eighth grade year. I wrote inspirational things about my race and talked to myself every morning. And it worked!

So if you're struggling with being comfortable in your skin (no matter what race you are!) , here are some tips on how to finally get comfortable:

- write about the good things about yourself and your race
- every morning wake up and say "My skin is beautiful like me!"
- read books with more people who look like you in them
- watch more television shows wit people who look like you
- pray
- look at more pictures with people who look like you in them

thx everyone! i hope you like and understand!

love y'all!