So... In this article I want to took about THE SON IS ALSO A STAR , the new book of Nicola Yoon and my opinion . Let`s start !

1. What is about?

The book is about a color girl and a Chinese boy . They don't believe in destiny but in some way the destiny put them together. When they met wasn't a good time in their life because the girl lived illegally in the country and the boy was very nervous because his fathers want of him to be a doctor but he hated all the "doctor things".

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2. My opinion

What I really love at his book is that the characters ( the boy and the girl) have their one point of view their history . Natasha's life is told by her and Daniel's life is told by him. In the book are also a super cute lyrics and I really liked the book. You have to know that if you prefer the shorts stories this is not for you.

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