In my first article, I addressed Who Am I? But now it's time to ask that to yourself. Who are you?
This is a popular question for any introductory situation. What makes you you? If we think more and more about ourselves, Who do you want to be?

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I see people struggle to answer this all the time. It seems that others know one another better than they know themselves... and that's okay. Figuring out who you are can take years. Most of the time, you learn about yourself more and more as time passes. We all have ways in which we want others to see us. Others may see you in many different ways. Perhaps some people only need to see you from a certain point of view. Knowing how you see yourself and how that connects with how others see you plays a significant role in finding yourself. Of course, figuring out who you are will take a lot more than a glance. Here are some things to consider when going through self discovery:

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Physical appearance
It is true that most of the time, we think of physical characteristics to define us. Though not necessarily the most important aspect of who we are, it still plays a large part in reflecting that. How we appear on the outside can be an expression of our personality. It definitely does not have to be a direct link to who you are. You have control over this and it is one of the easier parts of you that you can change.

Your personality is made up of traits that show through your actions and your behaviour. This goes along with your outlook on life and the morals that you hold to your heart. Personality is more external in the way that it is usually how others describe you. Evidently, it is harder to change. It is a complex set of who you are and the way that you act.

In general, what do you enjoy?
What is important do you?
What do you like to do?
What do you believe in?
What are you against?
What do you want to achieve?
It's a lot to think about but essentially, these are things that make you who you are. When you take the time to reflect on these things, you may have a better understanding of who you are or perhaps who you are not.
Just know that you are more than how you look, more than what people may think and more than what you are dealing with in this moment.