Dear WHI's,

There is something I would like to share with all of you.

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A few days ago I found out that I got a recognised writer badge. I was really shocked and it feels like a major compliment that I can write about the things I love, and get recognised for it.

I got an email to explain the meaning of being a recognised writer, and I loved the way it was explained and that they remember you of your responsibilities.

The message that was send in that email is a message that we should take with us everywhere we go. A message that says: Express yourself and be you while respecting others.

I believe this is very powerful and I'm glad to see that many people in this community strive towards that goal.

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But, I believe that there is still to much hate. The fact that there are so many people who get hurt every day on social media, tells us that we have to do something.

Please do not feel offended when you shouldn't be by my article. But if you do recognise, even in the most innocent ways, yourself in this text, please try to change.

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Because it is easy to share a movie, it is not that difficult to make fun of a photo and it is uncomplicated to write comments when you do not see the reaction.

I encourage all of you to give a compliment to someone today, I encourage you to step forward when you see something which you don't think is right and I encourage you to spread love everywhere you go.

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People might not be 'your type of people' when you first meet them. But remember: not everyone has had the opportunity to live the way that you did and not everyone is how they look on the outside.

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So, write about the things you love, motivate others and live your life. But do all the things while you realise that there are others. Other people with different backgrounds, different opinions and different lives.

Lets strive to learn from that and not to be discouraged

Lets strive to love that instead of to hate

Lets strive to uplift each other instead of to bring down

Loads of love,