Ok So I had to refer to the article above to write this part of the challenge because I didn't understand what to do at first.

Day 28: The Five love languages

1.Communication* The key to all successful relationships is communication. If you can openly talk to someone about literally anything, then all is good! It also helps to clear up or avoid misunderstandings. Use your voice :) (easier said then done of course)

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Being able to trust someone enough to open up is rare. I guess being vulnerable isn't always a bad thing. but talking is key!

However, this is not always the easiest step. Every little bit helps.

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Take baby steps.

2. Spending time with your S/o* Sometimes it is nearly impossible to spend every waking moment with someone..but you can still find the time :) After all seeing a person face to face is better than texting!

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Which leads me the next point....

3. Physical contact* I won't go into many details here. This can be anything from intimacy, or innocently holding hands. Honestly nothing feels better than being able to feel that electrifying touch.

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Hugging is sooo calming.
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4. Being supportive. * having a person who encourages you to do/be your best is a plus. And it's so comforting to know that you have someone else to be there for you and that you can be there for also.

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5. Acceptance* Just being lucky enough to be your true self and know you are accepted is what will make a relationship truly come to life.