This is my first article, and I wanted to write an article for so long, but didn't have a subject. So, now I have. A list of Kpop songs and bands.

Top ten bands ;

I have not put them in order, cause I really don't have a favorite band, only for number one and two.

a.k.a Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys and Bulletproof Boyscouts.
It's my favorite band. They debuted in 2013 and has seven members. They are the most famous Kpop band.
Favorite songs: Boy In Luv, War Of Hormone, Blood Sweat & Tears
They debuted in 2015 and consists of five members. This band is not my favorite but they have a special place in my heart. This was the first Kpop band I liked, and whenever I listen to their songs I get a certain vibe I can't describe.
Favorite songs: Out Of My Mind, Blood
They are with eleven members if I'm right, and they also debuted in 2015. They just released a new album, and in my opinion it's their best.
Favorite songs: Clap, Very Nice, Fast Pace
You should really listen to this band. I'm not sure if they debuted in 2012 or 2013, but I think 2013. Their songs has such great meanings and one of the members has a really high voice and it's so good. They are underrated and that is sad, cause they make really great songs.
Favorite songs: Moondance, Honeymoon
I like this band. Listen to it. They are so good.
Favorite songs: Too many, uhm, The Eve, Call Me Baby, Playboy, Exodus
They are with seven members and in my opinion they are underrated too. Like, people only watch their music videos. I did too, but my friend told me one of the members was really funny, and it was true. And because I began to like them as people, I was getting interested in their songs. And I wasn't disappointed.
Favorite songs: Beggin On My Knees, Rewind, Never Ever
Stray Kids
The company JYP formed a new band names Stray Kids with nine guys. They pre-debuted with a song called Hellavator and their concept is dark. They already had their own show and is now finished. They also made more songs but is not officially out yet. Through their show I already know a bit their personalities.
Favorite songs: Yayaya, Grr
Monsta X
This band has seven members and debuted in 2015. Their newest song is called Dramarama and took first place on a music show. They just released their album The Code
Favorite songs: All In, Beautiful, Trespass, Tropical Night
So I barely listen to girl groups, cause I think they are a bit too girly and I don't like that. But this band isn't. They debuted in 2016 and they have five music videos and no album yet. All their videos has over 100 million views and is the most famous girl group in Korea in such a short time. They are with four members.
Favorite songs: Boombayah, Whistle
Wanna One
Okay, to be honest is this also one of my favorites band. This band is formed through a tv show called Produce 101. Look it up if you wanna know what it is, I won't explain. Cause first of all, I am bad at explaining, second of all, that's it. They debuted with eleven members in 2017. They have their own show and it's really fun to watch. The members are funny and their personalities are really cute. In my opinion their music isn't the best and I don't like their songs so much, but I love the band cause I love them.
Favorite songs: It's actually from Produce101 but I few of the members sang that song so it's ok; Hands On Me, Open Up. Wanna One self; Energetic, Beautiful

Top ten songs right now ;

EXO - Been Through
B.A.P - Single album 'EGO' Hands up, Moondance, Think hole
ToppDogg - Arario
Bang Yongguk - Yamazaki
Jackson Wang - Pappilion
B.A.P - Feel So Good
Day6 - I Wait (for like a year now)
Block B - Shall We Dance
EXO - Stay
PSY - I Luv It

Don't be lazy and just take a hear (take a look, but you are listening so) sometimes I hate myself, I don't even make this kind of jokes. But listen to it! It will all be worth it.

Thank you for reading :)