I'm Diana and l live with my family, my mom,my dad, my 10 years older brother and i used to have another brother that was 8 years older than me. I say i used to because now he isn't with us anymore. We lost him almost 2 months ago. He was the only person that i trusted, I know i have another brother but it's not the same. I miss him. I loved him the most and I know that I should love them both the same but, I can't. He was special to me.
I grew up with him, almost 18 years, filled with memories, laughs, fast driving, arguing, traveling around the country, going to the hospital, going shopping, making plans for the future, calling ourselves names that had a funny meaning, telling jokes in the moments we were supposed to be crying, waiting for him to come home from work, face timing every night for 3 months because we were 2000 km apart. We used to live in different countries for almost 6 years. I used to see him every 3-4 month for 3 weeks, in that time we made new memories, we met new friends, learned a lot of lessons in life,and we were not sorry for what we ever did, we used to spend all our money, we lived like every day was our last.

He was the type of person that kind of knew that he wasn't going to live for long. In his 25 years and 3 days he achieved a lot, everything he had, he deserved it for his hard work. He was my biggest inspiration and he still is. Everything i know is thanks to him. He was my guide in life and now I'm lost without him. I miss him.
I can sit here and write about him for the rest of my life but i won't, and
I'm happy to share my story with you because it's something that so many people are going through and l know how they feel. It's breaking my heart that we have to go through so much pain and tears for people that we had so much fun with. And I know it's not fair but I just wanted to share my sad story with you.

Btw sorry about my English, to me it's a foreign language

xx Diana