New Friends

friends, sky, and sunset image friends, night, and summer image

I had been given the opportunity to know and love new people, who knew and loved me back.


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Starting my freshman year of college was scary, but I ended up loving it love it so so much.


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Being away from my family is a struggle at times, but I've learned to appreciate them more often when I can.


anxiety, iphone, and water image Image by laurensuzel

Even though my anxiety may be in the way a lot of the times, I am alive and breathing. I am so grateful.


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I have been able to take some time for myself this year and not in shallow romances. instead of heartbreaks, my heart grew.


god, faith, and jesus image adventure, car, and cold image

Through all my struggles and hardships this year, He has never let me go.

This year was definitely full of its problems, and it seemed like the world was against not only me but the world itself. Through all of it though, God had a plan, and everything that happened this year was just a piece of his bigger puzzle. I wishing you the best in 2018!.