I know there's a lot of pressure on looking like a barbiedoll, having those abs so toned and fat free, owning a big nice booty, being on a "goals" relationship, SMALL WAIST MY DEAR, being cool on social media and stuff, using makeup and having those lashes like a big fan on each eye, EYEBROWS more important than the way you feel, that's the new black and the list could go on and on...but let me tell you something: I'M TIRED, tired enough to free myself from all that, i just can't keep pretending that i belong to all these instagram-real life standars/stereotypes.

I honestly don't belong there, wanna know why? well, i'm not a big fan of wearing makeup at all, i hate feeling like i have to post like a celeb on instagram so maybe one day i could be someone in life and travel and live a glam life, because honestly i don't need social media to live my best life, you neighter. I understand that there are girls that really enjoy doing it, that enjoy makeup and all these trends and that's okay, i mean you're free to do whatever you want with your life but i dare you to take an step back and ask yourself why you do certain things? are you doing it to fullfill peoples eyes so you can get the validation? are you doing it to feel important? are you doing it to fit in?

I dare you...i really do.

I know there are more girls that feel like me, that feel that they can't live this "perfect life" that honestly doesn't exist, although i know there are plenty girls that won't relate and will fight with claws saying that they do it for fun and that their faces is their canvas and shalalala...YES I GET IT and if it makes you happy that's fine by me but as i said before i dare you to think the why of your actions girl. Sometimes we do things just because there are a bunch of girls who have done it and they are glowing, but let me tell you that not everything that shines is gold.

This is my first article and honestly i feel good with the idea that someone will read it and maybe will relate or will reflect about it's life.

Hope you have an amazing new year, a year where you can embrace who you really are. BREAK ALL THE PARADIGMAS, YOU CAN DO IT!

You don't need makeup, lashes extensions, to dress a certain way, have a perfect body, a perfect way to look and be beautiful! You're are already beautiful...you're a miracle please believe it!

Many blessings,

Love, Zara. xx