This year is about to come to an end and the next one is about to get started. To make next year become a good year for yourself here are some things that you need to know to make you feel good and healthy!

1. Love yourself and stop comparing you to other people.
-This one is probably the most important one to be happy. We all have flaws and nobody is perfect. In fact imperfection is beauty! It's important to know that you are valuable and beautiful just the way you are. Also don't compare yourself to others because we all are beautiful in our own way. Just focus on finding happiness and wellness in yourself and you will feel so much better than wishing you were someone else.

2. Workout and focus on your goals
-Exercising is a way to feel good! There are so many sports that there is probably something for everyone. If you have some goals, focus on them. Do as you need to do to reach them. Keep yourself motivated so you will not forget why you are doing it.

3. Don't think what other people think about you
-Don't try to please everyone because that is impossible and it is not going to make you happy. Just do things on your way because that will keep you feeling well.

4. Drink more water
-Everyone has already heard this one so many times but just drink about 7 glasses of water in a day and that keeps your skin cleaner and you won't feel that tired. This can make a big change in your health!

5. Be more positive and do things that actually make you happy
-Hanging on your phone may feel like a nice thing to do but after all it really doesn't make you feel happy. Spend less time on your phone and laptop and do something you like instead.

6. Don't stress too much
-Life can be stressful. For example school can feel stressful with all the tests and homework. Just know that stress can't control your life. Just focus on things that make you forget your stress like workouts and hobbies. Life is not about stressing over one thing.

7. Don't be afraid of trying new things
-If you don't feel good about something why wouldn't you make a change. Make a change and you will feel better afterwards. It is just the change that makes us a bit scared.

8. Relax youself
-Being relaxed is important. You can't always be doing things and never relaxing. Sleep enough at nights, take some time to just chill, maybe accomplish a meditation or take a walk. Also you could take some time and watch your favorite series.

9. Be kind to others
-Giving a smile to people is a simple thing but it spreads happiness and love. By being kind you make this world a bit better place. These days it is important to take care others. That way people will be nicer to you too.

10. Keep your room/house clean
-Think about coming home after a long day. You have cleaned your place and made your bed. That probably makes you feel much better than you coming home and seeing a messy room. To make your room/house to look nice and clean will give you a positive mind.

Remember to be kind to yourself and the others and always believe in good things! Work to your goals and remember to have fun in the mean time. Happy new year 2018! <3