hey guys!

so, this is my first article & i thought i should start off with a nice and easy playlist. when it's late at night or early in the morning on my commute to school i like to listen to these songs that slowly wake my brain up.

aesthetic, alternative, and art image boy, fashion, and handsome image
we just haven't met yet x russ russ' older songs are so amazing ugh
black and white, old, and photo image city, tumblr, and grunge image
regulate x warren g & nate dogg fucking golden age of rap
ice cube and car image
it was good day x ice cube i couldn't find a pic that even compared to this amazing picture so i just left it alone
aesthetics, grunge, and Tattoos image aesthetic, bad, and boy image
stfu x mansionz the ending is so perfect loll
vic mensa image sky, @ayesha_tariq001, and sunrise image
coffee & cigarettes x vic mensa i'm actually crying rn i love this song sm
black, concert, and film image Image removed
lose it x SWMRS i'm crying again
tame impala, music, and theme image teen image
yes i'm changing x tame impala literally would put you to sleep if it wasn't so beautiful
post malone, rapper, and Tattoos image alternative, clouds, and red image
candy paint x post malone c'mon i had to put in some post malone
90's, savage garden, and to the moon and back image Image by Tiffanyyy_
truly, madly, deeply x savage garden my fav song ever omll
bands, grunge, and rock and roll image sunset, sky, and photography image
one million lovers x the growlers i couldn't find any other pictures :(

that's just a few of the songs from the playlist if you want the rest follow me on spotify @ gracieg1004 (playlist name: 7:20)

xoxo, gg