being a teenage girl, there's always that one boy you find that you think is your "dream guy". but, how do you know?
to me, there's always that one friend that has the perfect boyfriend and that everyone knows that they will get married. and it sucks to be one of the friends who is not in that relationship, been there before. you feel like no boy will ever like you the way your best friend's boyfriend loves her. and when she talks about them, all you hear is how perfect the relationship is and how envious you are of it. but, happy for her at the same time. this sounds like i'm in love with my best friends boyfriend which is very very far from the truth. i'm just in love with the idea of someone being that way towards me.
i'm in love with love.
i will be the first to admit, i am a hopeless romantic at heart. but, just because you watch movie and hear songs and even see it in real life about how when you find that one person, your perfect person. it's all perfect. and well, that is true but, if you're out there trying to find someone to be your perfect person, it wont end up well.
i found the love of my life when i didn't even want to be in a relationship and, i found that that was way better and healthier for me and him in the long run. because it was natural, it wasn't being forced. and it wasn't this big deal in my head.
so, i hope this is what you take away from this rant.
because when you wait, and you're not just going around dating everyone... it will come natural and it will be perfect. i can guarantee that.