Enjoy every moment of your life. Get away with that negative vibe or bad thoughts. If you think that something bad is going to happen then you will lose a whole new experience that maybe you will never have again.

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The most insignificant things could be such a treasure in your memories. So do not miss opportunities, leave your comfort zone, do it. You could learn a lot of things about yourself.

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Spend more time with the people you love: tell them how much you appreciate them, how thankful you are that they are part of your life and how much you love them to always support you no matter what happened. Life is so short, don´t be afraid to express your feelings to others, otherwise you will regret it.

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Always stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do! Want to be a part of a group that you don’t belong is a waste of time. Be you, if the like you, it’s okay and if don´t it’s okay too. No one has the obligation of it.

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Wear what makes you feel beautiful. Society tells you that you are too fat for a skirt. Fuck it! Use it! Society tells you that you are too skinny to use a tank top. Fuck it! Use it! This will make you feel more secure about yourself and believe me no one can´t stop you.

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Stop comparing to other girls! Everyone is beautiful in its own way. The only thing you earn from this is let you don´t and hurt you. Your body, your hair, your eyes is unique. YOU ARE GEORGEOUS.

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Being called a nerd is privileged because you know that you are building your future. You have your goal. And that´s the only thing you have to focus. They want to laugh, fine, let them do it. At the end you will have your dream job.

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Apologies for any grammar mistake, I´m not a native English speaker.
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