It's the most wonderful time of year!

I fucking love the holidays, Christmas time is everything for me. So I thought I'd compile a list, "The 12 Days of Christmas", for you dolls. Enjoy

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1. Baking
It's not officially Christmas time unless there's baking. That is just a known fact. So locate some flour and sugar because it's baking time. Growing up this was something that was an all-day activity and I have brought this with me into my early twenties. Every year I make a bunch of goodies then put them in cute Christmas themed boxes and drop them off at my friend's houses. If this wasn't a tradition at your home growing up, give it a try on your own.
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2. Family Picture
This used to be just so your parents could send it to all your relatives. Your mom fussed over you making sure your hair was just right and put you in a terrible itchy dress, wouldn't let you eat because she just knew somehow you'd get a stain. And someone probably cried and had a breakdown. Sometimes it was even the photographer. But times have changed. You have grown my dear. So maybe your holiday photo will be you and your parents, or just you and your siblings, maybe your like me and it's your boyfriend and your two dogs. Whoever is in your picture, make it fun and festive. You're gonna rack up those social media likes.
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3. Ice skating/ Snow Fun.
This is a must and everyone can do this at a low cost or maybe even free. So grab some friends and go ice skating, sledding, build a snowman, or have a snowball fight. No snow where you live? That's okay. There's got to be an ice rink nearby or take a day trip to the mountains and go have fun. But can it really be Christmas time without some fun out in the cold?
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4. Decorating/Put Up The Tree
Half of the holiday fun comes from decorating and seeing every store and house turn into a beautiful masterpiece with Santas and Christmas lights. If you're on a budget go to the 99 cent store and spend like ten dollars, you can do a lot with a little. Or like me, go harass your mom for so old decorations. Put that tree up, real or fake, big or small. Or if your broke or have allergies throw some lights on a houseplant. (I have totally done this.) But definitely, decorate, it'll get you in the holiday spirit for sure.
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5.‎Give Back
Giving to others is an amazing feeling. There are so many people out there less fortunate than you. You may not be living in a mansion driving a Mercedes, living like a Kardashian/Jenner or Bill Gates but you can do something for someone who has less than you. Buy coffee for the man standing outside Starbucks asking for change, volunteer at the soup kitchen, donate a small toy to Toys-For-Tots, sing Christmas songs for the elderly at an old folk home, do something. Give back this holiday season. Positive energy and smiles are the best things you can gift someone with the holiday season.
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6. Gifts
I know gifts can be expensive but there a plenty of great gifts for under twenty dollars. And you should only get them for people who you absolutely adore. That means your parents and bestie, fuck your snobby ass sister who thought it was okay to get you diet pills last year. No, but really, giving gifts is so much more fulfilling than getting them. I know this can be the most stressful part of the holiday season so do it early or online if that's what will keep your anxiety down. And asking people what they want or need is totally okay too. Santa's got nothing on you, you can do this.
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7. Charades /Scavenger Hunt
Christmas is all about sharing it with your loved ones aka your family. A lot of times your friends become your family, they're your tribe. So round them up and have a game night with a Christmas theme. Everyone is on break from school or off of work for the holidays, it's the perfect time for a game night. There are so many things you could play or do. Get some beer or wine and have some fun. You'll look back on this night for months to come. I may be biased but I think Cards Against Humanity (w/ the x-mas pack) or a scavenger hunt is by far the most fun ideas. (I'll be posting a Christmas scavenger hunt in a few days.)
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8. Christmas Town/Lights & Hot Chocolate
One of the many joys of Christmas time is riding around rich neighborhoods with hot chocolate and looking at all the pretty lights with Christmas music playing in the background. It's free and you can do it anytime. Or I grantee there's a Christmas light show or a Christmas town somewhere near you where you walk through or drive through an incredibly decorated designated area. Those can be a bit costly, it up to you how much you spend and where you witness the magic of the beautiful lights.
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9. Start A New Tradition
Every few years you should aim to do something new that you'll do every year following that. Now the best traditions are the ones not planned so experiment and find what makes your holiday extra special. Maybe it's church on Christmas eve, or a paintball fight with only red and green paintballs, or making gingerbread houses, or drunk caroling with your best friend, or a sleigh ride through the park, whatever it may be, make it your holiday thing.
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10. A Party or A Dinner
Whether you decide to go to a friend's party, your works Christmas party, your families, or you throw your own, go to at least one. You get to get dressed up, eat good food, drink, and most likely leave with an unexpected gift. They're so much fun, so put on that velvet dress you bought on impulse and go! Or maybe you want to throw something low-key, a small simple dinner with close friends or you and your partner. You can go big with a ham and the fixings or simply some pasta and wine. Whatever you decide, it'll be amazing.
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11. Christmas Eve Movie Marathon
This is when you grab those leftover baked goods and a glass of milk and get those Christmas themed movies playing! I'm talking Gremlins, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, The Grinch, Last Holiday, The Night Before... I love this day. It's my favorite. Curled up on the couch with my babe & cookies, it's a holiday must!
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12. Christmas Night
All the clean up is done, the leftovers from dinner are all put up and gift wrapping is picked up from the living room floor. What you do is up to you. But do take the time to enjoy the last few hours of the holiday season, reflect and relax, it's over now and you have a whole 300 plus days before it comes back around. The holidays tend to be about everyone else and involve so many others, the stress is real. It's time for you to decompress and breathe.

Happy Holidays <3