Time sure flies by when you're having fun! Okay, I admit, I haven't practised as much as I did in the beginning... I also had some mock exams to pass so I didn't have much time.

However, I did make some progress that I'm proud of! For starters, I have begun to play with both hands! It sounds silly but it's so much harder than it sounds. Focusing on my two hands simultaneously has proven to be difficult. But I'm getting better and better! And it's much more interesting to play with both hands.

gif, piano, and music image

Anyway I've made a little video to show my latest progress and to make fun of my mistakes so I don't stress too much about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=121&v=jeQnYjX4Kpw

I still tend to hesitate while playing and also miss the notes... so I'm going to focus on fixing these issues for next month!

ian somerhalder, the vampire diaries, and damon salvatore image

Hope you guys are feeling inspired!

XOXO my artists~