The Mystery

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You're different.
Yes, maybe medically, but there is something about you that makes my brain drift off. It makes my heart freeze; not flutter, stop, nor skip a beat. It simply freezes to where I am wondering why.
How could you be so mysterious, yet so easy to talk to and befriend?
There is a vibe about you that I cannot voice into words.
When I first talked to you, I knew that there is going to be something that will keep me. Even though you do everything wrong in my books, you still know where you stand. Your manners can disrespect people, but it's without crossing this line drawn in the ground. It feels as if we see each other, standing on opposite sides of that line, and we're ready to cross that line to get to each other. To get to know one another.
I feel as if I know nothing about you, yet you know my secrets just by looking at me. What makes me curious about you is that you don't threaten me. You are in the most known group and once you learned my name, it felt like I was known too. You make me feel known. You make it so easy to talk to you and sharing a genuine smile with you gave me a glimpse through all that mystery.
It's only the first case I have of you, so here's to more mysteries.

Just the Friend

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You are probably the most annoying person I have ever met. It never got bothersome until we got close and until we established that we are just friends. You make some situations feel so uncomfortable. Maybe it is because I have just found out something about you from someone else instead of you telling me. It kind have affected my trust in you and finding those things out have made me lose my interest in being associated with someone like you. Not matter how bad that sounds, I feel like it worsened our relationship.
You were the connection to my past in a way. It was like a part of my youth. It reminded me of the good times back in middle school.

The Ex

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You are the definition of regret and a backstabber. Possibly a complete idiot. How could you just end up with my so-called best friend at the time right when we break up? and then have to nerve to wonder why I do not talk to you anymore?

The Crush

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You can come off as rude to others but I guess sometimes I try to block that out because I do not see that in you. We have these weird moments to where we speak to each other indirectly and I tend to savor those moments. At this rate, I do not know where I stand with you and I have never been so confused.