So I've been thinking about what to blog about and I finally decided, what is something that is one of the most important things in my life, well its traveling. I've been traveling my whole life. The most common place I go is Maui, Hawaii. I have been going since I was three years old. Maui is where I learned to love the ocean. Its where I learned what peace and happiness is, I learned what Aloha means. Maui is the most amazing place on the planet. It's beaches, the loving people and tropical earth is why I love it its why everyone loves it. Every person that visits Maui is always in love. I haven't been for almost a year but instead of Maui this year it was Mexico. Mexico is fantastic, the culture, sunsets and almost everything about is stunning. I have traveled all around United States not all states but this year I took a trip up the coast of Cali and that was amazing I learned so much about myself and the way the world is and I learned a lot about love. I learned who my parents were and what I wanted to be when I was older which I decided I wanted to be happy which being happy is a decision and from then on I still have my moments of sadness but I'm not in a state where I wanna kill myself or where I let myself bring me down. Every state every country I have visited I have seen the most amazing things and experienced mind blowing things and that's what your supposed to do with your life, your supposed to LIVE. I cant imagine what I have turned out to be if it wasn't for traveling and seeing the world. I am who I am because of it.