Day Two-Three

I swear I wasn't procrastinating lol. I just thought that I should write my improvements week by week because that is a lot better. So I'll start writing week to week (if you care lol).
Soo, I was very productive I think. I had cram school in these two days, I went there yesterday and we repeated a subject in maths which was a subject that I didn't know anything about. I am still not very good at that subject but I kinda got it, so yayyyy. I read my book at breaks because both of my friends didn't show up in class (no I am not asocial other persons at the class were boys, and I have nothing to talk with them lolz). After coming home I checked Tumblr, whi and went to sleep (I know it really sounds like I was procrastinating but I didn't I swear!!!).
Then the Sunday came which is today. I was sick so I didn't go to cram school. After making my breakfast I went out to buy some books and stationery stuff also the weather was so beautiful plus my outfit of the day was B O M B so I really liked this day. Oh and usually I don't drink coffee because I didn't like the taste of it (the last coffee I last had was like a year ago) but today I drank one cup and liked it a lot I guess I'm growing up lol. There is something that I want to add; while I was solving physics I felt like I could handle any subject and it was a really good feeling, it flew away too soon but it was a good feeling.
And today I realized how much I like the song I follow rivers from Lykke li. I've been listening to this song for years but I realized it's beauty today...

The ones who don't know what this article is about let me put a link in here to make things clear.
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