Hello there :D so this is my first ever article and I decided to do something easy to begin, just trying it out. Alright so I hope you guys like it!

#1 A Scrapbook

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Cute & Thoughtful

Alright so I think this is such an amazing gift to receive its really cute. Basically you are making a scrapbook full of pictures and memories. This is super customizable, you can add whatever you would like.

#2 Candy Bouquet

bouquet, boyfriend, and valentine image

Now come on who doesn't like candy?!?! This is super easy to make and it wont leave you broke :)) You can just use the picture above as a tutorial I promise its easy af. I made this for a friend of mine and she LOVED it.

#3 Open When Cards

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Now this is when you write a letter for a certain topic. For example you have one and write on the envelope "open when you are having a bad day" you would write them a letter to make them feel better, its that simple. This is time consuming but its such a great gift for a bff.

#4 Gift Basket

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I think this is such a cool gift and well all you do is grab a basket and add some small gifts your bff would love then just arrange them neatly and that's about it.

#5 "Happy Pills"

candy, sweet, and happy image happy, candy, and pills image

All this is is CANDY!!! Just a fun little joke. Grab a bottle or a case (like shown above) and add some of your best friends favorite candy then add a picture saying "happy pills". Pretty cool huh?........... I mean I think it is lol :)

#6 Memories or Reasons Jar

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For this all you need is a jar, paper, and some string. cut some strips of paper and write down some favorite memories you share with your bff OR you could write down some reasons why she/he is your best friend. I made this for my bff last Christmas and she cried.... but he I mean she obviously loved it! ;)

Alrighty guys that's it for this article so I hope you liked it! It was really fun making this article. I might or might not make another one...IF you guys like this one :) Thanks for reading my very first article
- XOXO Ariel <3