It’s Black Friday 2017! Here is a collection of everything I got from Forever 21, Ulta, Victoria Secret, and Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works was having a sale where candles were $12.50 and it was buy 3 get 3 free sitewide (I do all of my Black Friday Shopping Online).

The first item I purchased was a candle in my favorite winter scent, Vanilla Bean Noel. This was such a good deal for me that I decided to get two so I would be fully prepared for the winter.

candle, christmas, and girl image

I also picked up a candle in Mahogany Balsam. To me, this smells like a really hot boyfriend and I didn’t see any hurt in that so I decided to get one.

candles, polaroide, and mahogany image

Following in the footsteps of the candles, I purchased two Vanilla Bean Noel Body gels as well. As well as inhaling Christmas, I want to smell like it too.

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The last thing I picked up from Bath and Body Works was a shower gel in A Thousand Wishes as a Christmas present for my best friend Aurora (shhhh don’t tell her!).

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The next store I stopped by was Victorias Secret. The Victorias Secret and PINK are combined online so I’m just going to show you guys the items combined.

They had a 5/$28 on their Christmas Panties so you know that your girl was going to stock up. I’ll spare you the details but let's just say that I got some velvet, some lace, and some bows :)

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I also picked up a REALLY pretty bombshell bra that is white and has black lace. They are originally 60 something dollars but this was only $35 so I had to get one.

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Speaking of really good deals, I also picked up a pj set because they were 60% off and you know how nice Victorias Secret Pjs are. Plus, with a pj set you got free slippers so I got some of those as well.

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After spending about $100 at Victorias secret, I headed over to Forever 21.

I think this was my favorite store, because everything I got was SO inexpensive and fit me perfectly.

The first thing I picked up were some cat slippers. These are amazingly soft and I have worn them every morning sense I got them. Plus, they are puffy and white so they almost look like little cat- clouds on my feet.

shoes and cat slippers image

Also to put on my feet, I got some festive fuzzy socks for $3. They are red and white striped and every time I wear them I feel like an elf at Santa’s workshop.

red, white, and socks image

For something to actually wear in public, I picked up a white v-neck/off the shoulder sweater. This flatters my body so well and I love how it’s white, but not see-through.

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Gearing more towards fancy attire, I purchased a black peacoat. I’ve really been liking the “Girl Boss” style, so I decided this would really help me out when I was trying to look professional.

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The last store I when too was Ulta. With about 20 dollars in my bank account, I picked up a curling iron by bed head. I’ve wanted tight curls for a while now and my current curling iron just isn’t doing it for me, and I am very excited about this investment.

hair curlers, curling iron, and curling wand image

Alright guys so that is what I got for Black Friday 2017. If you enjoyed reading my article, please leave me a heart. It would really make my day!

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