It was never love . Lust took over the relationship . You're so hurt because you realize it was never love . You believed the ¨I love you´s¨because sh made you eat her lies . Now you find it so hard to show the one you really love , the love you wanted . You want to love her and you try showing it but you're to scared to get hurt . You´re scared you´ll hurt her , not meaning to . She tells you she loves you and you say it as well . You really love her , but your last relationship consisted of lust and now you´re scared it´ll happen again . You can´t tell the one you really love you´re scared because you feel like you have to be the foundation . You hurt yourself . Little do you know the one you truly love , loves you too. Lust and love are so misunderstood . We´re losing what love truly is . Lust is wanting , love is giving . Love is the strongest feeling . Don´t toss the word Love -as if it were Lust .
-@xoo.dina, 17h37, Nov. 6, 2017