These are a list of cute date ideas, sorted out by season. These aren't all dates, most of these things you can do with your friends as well.


1) Go on a Bike Ride.

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2) Go to a Farmer's Market.

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3) Have a Picnic Together.

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4) Go Hiking.

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5) Attend a Baseball Game.

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6) Go to Concerts.

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7) Go Camping Together.

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8) Visit an Art Museum.

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1) Beach Walks at Sunset.

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2) Go Kayaking.

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3) Star Gaze.

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4) Go to Brunch.

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5) Drive in Movie.

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6) Light Sparklers on 4th of July.

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7) Go to the Fair.

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8) Music Festivals.

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9) Have a Bonfire.

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1) Pick & Carve Pumpkins.

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2) Have a Scary Movie Marathon.

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3) Attend a Football Game.

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4) Go to a Halloween Party Together.

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5) Bake Fall Foods Together (ex: Pie, Muffins, Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, etc...)

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1) Make a Blanket Fort to Cuddle In.

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2) Go to the Snow Together.

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3) Go Ice Skating.

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4) Christmas Movie Marathon.

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5) Bake Christmas Cookies.

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6) Spend the Holidays w/ Each Other.

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