Do you have that feeling sometimes that you want to write something down?
That you want to say something, but you can't find the right words.
I have.
You see that people nowadays just write something down without thinking what they say or write.
Writing is actually a really good solution if you want to say something. But you can't find the right words.
Also i'm REALLY obsessed with Stranger Things.
If you haven't watched it yet, I will warn you! It takes over your life :D
But if something bothers you or you can't find the right words, write it down!
Many people said to me that I should write things down but I ignored it, but once I did it, I felt really relieved.
Nobody judges you but at the same time it's if someone's actually listening to you.
But try to talk to people too, that's really important.

Also I heard this quote from someone and I think it's a really good one, because it has a different meaning for everyone. Try to figure out yours ;)

Time changed me, but I can't change time.

I love writing random articles, once something comes up, I write it down :p
Hope you enjoyed this article!