It’s all this anger
All the demons I carry around
All the little sad things I keep on my shoulders
I keep them for other people
Those who can’t handle having all this anger and sadness on their shoulders
Those who will bend down from the pressure of what other people want you to do, what society wants you to do
I keep saying yes and shakes the devils hand
All because I don’t show how much I want to bend as well
As I shake my hand in theirs, my mind’s going crazy with all these thoughts
All of these regrets that I never tell anyone, all these lies I’ve told to keep going and not admitting how many tears I’ve cried as well
It’s this anger inside me that I can’t control
I can punch the wall, I can scream, I can yell, I can do whatever I want, but I won’t go away
I don’t want to bend like all the others, I don’t want to say goodbye to the devil and put my middle finger in the air, whenever someone needs me to carry their weights around for them

I’d rather break than bend
And that’s the difference between me and you
Cause I keep taking on all this sadness and anger, and the only way to get rid of it is to say stop and let my emotions flow with the rhythm of my sobs, that I try to hide from this cruel world
Cause in all honesty it isn’t beings I’m afraid of, it’s this world
It’s the fact that I’ve got to say stop and tell everyone that I’m actually not okay
That’s my biggest fear.
Fear is my biggest fear.