hey, since my last playlist did good, I thought I should do another. these songs that are in this playlist have a nostalgic feeling, making you feel very calm when you listen to them. I really enjoy listening to old songs and these are some of my all time favorites.


(n) deep affection, deep infatuation

  • mr. sandman- the chordettes

"bring me a dream"


  • look into my eyes- the chantels

"tell me you love me"


  • all I have to do is dream- the everly brothers

"I can make you mine"


  • why do fools fall in love- frankie lymon x die teenagers

"love can be a shame"


  • come go with me- the del-Vikings

"please say you'll never leave me"


  • love is strange- mickey & sylvia

"lot of people take it for a game"


  • i only have eyes for you- the flamingos

"i cant see anyone but you"


  • I want to hold your hand- the beatles

"i feel happy inside"