The article I'm about to write is purely fictionnal. What happened the past few weeks really inspired me and made me want to write a lot, about what happened but also what could happen with an other version of me, with an other version of him. To really know what I'm talking about you would have to read some of my former articles. Also, you need to know that here in France, in my university we have a chearlerder club, not supporting some sport teams but doing some shows at college parties. Anyway here is a little story, a love story.

You, Again

Tonight is the night. We are definitly going to make a great show. I check my watch, still half an hour to prepare myself before heading to the before at Juliette's. I need to be perfect. I try to curl my hair, put on some makeup, especially red lipstick to match our chearleader outfit. Tonight's show at the Party needs to be perfect, I need to be the best, I know the choreography by heart.

I look at myself in the mirror, trying not to think that I'm not good enough anyway. I have messy curly hair, it gives me a kind of style... maybe. I don't have time to fix it anyway.

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I'm at Juliette's with the other chearleaders, we start drinking, not too much to be a little sober when we're going to dance for the show. Honestly I don't care if I'm a bit drunk during the show, it only makes me dance better so ... After a few drinks we head to the club to practice a little before the party starts.

It's 10:30pm when we arrive at the club. We start to practice and I feel like it's gonna be the best show of my life, I feel way more confident than earlier, mostly because I drank a little but hey, who cares? We practice a few times and we are finnaly ready. I go to the bathroom with juliette to check our makeup. I look at myself in the mirror once again and realize that I'm maybe kinda hot in that outfit, with those messy hair. Juliette's not that much confident, I try to reassure her.

Around 11:30pm the party starts and a lot more people arrive in the club. Some of my friends rejoin us.

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I'm so high, I start forgetting why I wanted to be so perfect, I enjoy the night, I enjoy my friends. It's Finnaly the time to get ready for the show, Juliette and I abandonned our friends to join the other chearleaders. The DJ slowly stops his music and then makes an announcement for us. And the music starts, We start dancing.

I feel my heart beatting faster, I don't miss a step. Arms up, Arms down, turn around. And then that's when I see his eyes. Of course I continue dancing, even better, He is still looking at me from the other side of the room. He smile as he realize I saw him. Arms up, Hands on the ground and then it stops it's the end of the show. I start breathing a little slower again. I look up, still on the ground, the other chealeaders starting to get up beside me.

He is right in front of me just 2 metters away. Some people go in between us but I can still see him as I get up slowly. I feel like time is going really slow.

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I try to forget what happened a month ago, I try to forget that we haven't talk for 2 weeks, I try to forget what's happening between us. He comes to me, look into my eyes and say :
"Come with me I'd like to talk to you"

I follow him through a crowd of people, he takes me to a place where we can sit. I know he's a bit drunk because He wouldn't have come and talk to me if he wasn't, and that breaks my heart a little. But I haven't been with him sober a lot so ...
"I'm sorry" he says " I should have try to talk to you, I should have try to see you again. You konw I tried pretending It was nothing, that we were drunk and that it was a mistake ..."
" I tried too, Louis, I tried to not think about you, to forget you just like you said we should" I say "I still think that's the better option because I know you don't care about me and I don't want to get attached to someone who only talk to me when he is drunk"

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I get up and try to walk away but he holds my hand. He brings me closer to him and whispers :
"I'm sorry... I said some horrible things that night after we ... But I have been thinking about you a lot lately, especially after you send me those drunk texts on Halloween. You let me know that you were not over me, and I felt bad."
I think about those texts, how dumb was it ... I shouldn't have ... And those dreams I made just after the party... Us holding hands... I don't reply, I don't know what to say
"I wanna try again, you and me, let's spend the night together, go back to my place maybe... Let's forget everythung that happened, let's go back to the start"
"Do you realize that you're asking me to forget that you left me alone after we slept together, hiding, and that it took me an hour to find you back? That you said that you did not wanted anything more than that... You haven't talked to me for more than a month..."
Everything I've been trying to keep inside of me, the anger, everything is coming out. I wanted to make him jealous, yeah, but now I realize that maybe he is not the one I want, I shoudn't have been thinking about him all this time ...
"Look I'm sorry" he apologizes "I'm a jerk, but right now, I'm not that drunk, and I've changed, I really wanna spend some time with you tonight, let go dancing please, I know you want it"
How can he say things like that... But he is right, I want it, even after what he did, I still want him, all of him, his curly blond hair, his hazel eyes... I still want to be close to him, to smell his perfume...
He smiles... he reaches out for my hand as he sees that I'm starting to smile too. I take it and he takes me dancing throught the crowd.

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End of the first chapter

I don't know if I'm going to write the next chapter yet, but I hope I'll have time to, and I hope you'll like my story ! Don't hesitate to give me advices or comments I'll be glad to chat !