Smell flowers
flowers, pink, and nature image
Wear your favourite scent
Lit a candle
Feel the rain on your skin
Hug more
Stroke your furry friend
dog, cute, and puppy image
Hold hands
Wear something fluffy
Go swimming
Take a sunbath
Walk barefoot on grass
grass, flowers, and green image
Stroll around the city
Listen to...
  • birds chirping
  • crickets at night
  • the sound of rain
  • a crackling fire
gif image
  • music
  • crashing waves
gif image
  • simply listen more
Smile for no reason
Count your blessings
Look at the sky
stars, couple, and art image
Admire more
Focus on the good
Express yourself through art
art, van gogh, and starry night image
Decorate your room
Notice little things
Dance like no one sees you
Pay compliments
Make coffee
gif, coffee, and morning image
Ride the bus
Go on a adventure
Eat cake
Be kind
green, life quotes, and red image
Take pictures
Write down your goals
Stay alive. Do something you love