`Hey everyone!

Music is a special thing for me. when i listen to music, its feels like, i can clearing my heart or lifting my spirits.

Music is available in different styles.
You have jazz, rock music, piano, DJ music, Pop music, Electronic/Dance, Hiphop, Indie/Alternative, RnB, Country, Latin, Metal, Reggae, Punk and much more.

I think i like all of them, but i love the most....Dj music

One of the things i really love is, going to a festival. A dj festival would be my favorite festival style.

I have been on so many Dj's festivals.

An Youtube/Dj event 2016
I saw Mike williams, Jay Hardway, Tony Junior and Quintino for the first time.

ADE - Amsterdam Dance Event 2016
I saw Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo, Matisse&Sadko and Julian Jordan for the first time.

Liberation festival 2016
i saw Mike Williams and Julian Jordan for the 2nd time and i saw Partysquad& Lucky Charmes and Tv Noise for the first time.

Martin Garrix meeting 2017
I saw Martin garrix for the 2nd time but now in person
, and when i saw him i have hugged him and i have picture with him. He is so sweet and beautiful and such a good dj. (Yes number 1 dj of the world, im so proud)

But then i was invited by Mesto in October.. Thats sweet.
His manager sends me an email stating that I am on the guest list and if I want I can take someone with me. Ofcourse i will take my bestfriend. She likes dj's and festivals too.

Mesto Supperclub Cruise
I was shooked he said my name, I didn't know that he knows me so good? but it was really nice that day. He was very sweet. I also hugged him and take lots of photos and videos with him. he also gave a show. That was really crazy because it was on a party boat. Also at that event I saw Justin Mylo and Jay Hardway for the 2nd time. I have talked with Jay Hardway in person and he is very sweet. On that boat were also The him & Brooks. I had never seen them before, but they were super cool DJs. Im really happy he invited me.

Mike Williams Meeting 2017
I saw Mike Williams for the 3rd Time but then in person. He is very sweet and funny. He give me a hug and said: Are you coming to my party tonight? I feel sad to say, no.. i can't bc i don't have the tickets. He said ''Next year, i hope you can be there. So i hope it! I made a video and a lot of pictures with him.

Julian Jordan 2017
This was not a event. The meeting of Martin Garrix was over and then I walked into city (Amsterdam) and suddenly I saw Julian Jordan for the 3nd time but now in person. I walked towards him. Julian Jordan asked me if I and my best friend wanted to participate in a quiz. Recognize the Dj. He showed pictures of Djs and we had to guess if we knew them. We won because we recognized all of them ofcourse haha. Then we made a photo with him. And selfies.
I have to say he is really so handsome and sweet.

I will never forget these days. These days are so special for me. Djs are so sweet and lovely. And ofcourse... the music they make is fantastic !

Do you have an idol? Believe in youre dreams that you meet them bc i have always said "I never meet them''... And then? I met them !

My favorite Dj is Julian Jordan i think and Martin Garrix! What about yours?
& Do you like this kind of post? Pls give it a heart. I will make more Articles from people i have meet. Because i already have seen so much famous people i wanna write about.

I hope you meet your favorite idol !

- Me.