New moon time, guys! Woohoo!!

On the 18th of November, the new moon will rise. The new moon is a great time to manifest. So whenever the moon turns black, I take some time to be conscious of my desires. I even do a ritual to empower my intentions. The idea behind doing a ritual is to change your mind/perspective and tune in to the mindset needed to reach what you want. In other words: Manifesting.

I will describe a ritual here that you can do to make the most out of this New Moon.

New Moon Ritual

What will you need?
 ⋆ Notebook
⋆ Pen
⋆ Himalaya Salt
⋆ Essential Oil: Rose oil
⋆ Candles to represent the four elements
⋆ Or Crystals
⋆ Smudging Herbs
⋆ A bath or shower

For some reason, I always feel when the New moon is coming. But keeping track of the moon cycles can be useful for anyone. My female cycles are in sync with the moon. I might talk more about this topic in a different article.

Detox  ⋆
Preparing for a ritual is much more than just buying the things you need and get it over with. Working towards a ritual is already a very spiritual experience. Some people detox before they do it. Or they do not eat any meat. I think eating as healthy as possible will do the trick. The concept behind it is cleansing you of toxins and negativity.

Cleansing your house  ⋆
You can buy a smudge stick or incense to clear out negative energies in your house. Just walk around and consciously imagine the energy leaving. I would suggest physically cleaning the house as well. Get rid of stuff you do not need. Broom the floor and such.

Create a sacred space  ⋆
This does not mean that you have to make an altar, though this can be quite useful. I would recommend using your bedroom. Decorate the room how you want to. Perhaps paint the walls, put plants in the room, meditation pillows. However, you want it.

Ritual Shower  ⋆
I always like to make a bowl of sea salt mixed with coconut oil and rose oil to scrub my skin. Taking a shower already is a very cleansing and grounding thing to do. The salt purifies's even more and the rose oil gets me in contact with my sensual nature. I wash my body and imagine the water helping me to let go of any tension, negativity, and worry.

Ritual Dress  ⋆
Oh, how I love dressing up for a solo ritual. I like to wear a beautiful black dress. This dress will only be worn when I do rituals. It soaks in the energy of the rituals I do, thus giving my desires a boost to manifest.

Meditation  ⋆
Light the candles, one in every direction. So North, West, South, East. Then I would like you to sit down and close your eyes. Visualise what you want to manifest as if it's already taking place. Breathe in deeply. How does it feel to have what you wanted? Hold on to this feeling, and do this for about 10 minutes.

Ritual  ⋆
Grab your notebook and start writing down the goals you have. Then whisper: "I let go of the old so I can make space for the new." Repeat this 3 times, before imagining a beautiful ray of pink light coming from your heart, lighting up the room. "I am capable, magical and strong."

Food  ⋆
After you are done with the ritual, take some time to ground yourself. Eating something is the easiest and fastest way to get you centered. Some people even bake moon cookies. Haha.

After ⋆
The whole goal of this ritual is to make you open to receiving whatever opportunity comes upon your path that might lead you to your goals. It will change your mindset into a more active one. You will actually start believing in yourself that you are totally capable to do this. Which all helps to make the outcome be what you desire. So magic is not something passive if you ask me. Start working towards your goals, and you will see that somehow, you become extremely lucky. So many chances will show themselves to you.

Good luck