i suffer from anxiety.

and sometimes it could be really bad and i feel like i can't go on in life and i need a break.

music has helped me cope with it.

it makes me happier, feel more free from my everyday problems that have a major effect on my life.

so here is a list of 45 songs, happy and sad, that have helped me.

( please ignore any mistakes i wrote this late at night )

1. back to december - acoustic
- taylor swift

2. drunk - ed sheeran

3. flaws - acoustic - olly murs

4. infinity - one direction

5. 18 - one direction

6. fireproof - one direction

7. jet black heart
- 5 seconds of summer

8. half of my heart - john mayer

9. perfectly lonely - john mayer

10. the a team - ed sheeran

11. happier - ed sheeran

12. i'm a mess - ed sheeran

13. bloodstream - ed sheeran

14. when you love someone
- james tw

15. i was wrong - a r i z o n a

16. stitches - shawn mendes

17. never be alone
- shawn mendes

18. three empty words
- shawn mendes

19. honest - shawn mendes

20. over again - one direction

21. there's something dark
- dustin kensrue

22. give me love - ed sheeran

23. supermarket flowers
- ed sheeran

24. mykonos - fleet foxes

25. wild ones - bahari

26. the breach - dustin tebbutt

27. so me type of love
- charlie puth

28. rules of beautiful
- jacob whitesides

29. suffer - charlie puth

30. 1-800-273-8255 - logic
(this is also the suicide prevention hotline. please call, someone will help you. trust me, someone cares about you and your life)

31. stay with me - sam smith

32. all i want - kodaline

33. angels - khalid

34. too good at goodbyes
- sam smith

35. shawdow & light
- martin luke brown

36. dusk till dawn - zayn

37. white noise - ella vos

38. scars to your beautiful
- thomas daniel

39. what about us
- thomas daniel

40. flicker - niall horan

41. all my life - wild

42. like gold - vance joy

43. i fall apart - post malone

44. talk - november lights

45. lonley - november lights

all of these songs have helped me through the tough situations in life that give me stress and anxiety. i have had noticed my anxiety about 2 years ago when i would get really nauseous on regular days of school. i current am a sophomore in high school and it is very stressful. sometimes my anxiety is really bad on my way to school where my stomach would cramp up and my throat will feel like it it closing up. i don't gasp for air but it is hard to swallow and overall it is an actual scary feeling. in class sometimes i will start to hyperventilate over something but i can keep it pretty hidden from other students. that is a little background info on my anxiety. i hope these songs help you like they helped me.