Life is crazy. There is no shocker there. We go through things that we think, in the moment, we will not survive. In that moment, our world feels like it is crumbling down. In that moment, we have no idea what to do. We lose sleep. We lose friends. We lose our happiness. And it feels like we lose life itself. And it hurts.

But you're not alone. I have been through really crappy times. I'm sure everyone has. And while it wasn't fun, I'm still here standing. Through all the pain, and the tears, and the sleepless nights, and the fights, and the depressing thoughts, and the unhappiness, I'm still standing.

I won't lie, it's tough. It's tough to smile through a hard time. It's tough to see positivity in a stormy place. It's hard to see or do anything when you don't feel inspired to be who you think you should be.

But when you reach that point, it will be well worth it. After the pain, there will be light. After the tears, you'll smile. After the sleepless nights, you'll sleep soundly. After the fights, you'll have happy conversations. After the depressing thoughts, you'll have positivity. After not feeling who you are, you'll know who you're meant to be.

Life is tough. We've all been through the ups and downs. And while happiness might not stay forever, it's still worth a shot. You never know who you'll be inspiring.

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