The month of November gave us many great comebacks but with with comebacks comes full length albums and single albums with even greater songs better than their title songs.

1. Twice - Love Line

gif, momo, and twice image

Written by Jeongyeon herself, Love line is a song that expresses wanting to be with someone and "walking the love line". Love Line is the type of song to listen to before sleeping because all you think about is that one person.

2. Astro - With You

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Off of their Dream, pt.2 single album With You is a feel good song or as i like to call it "Forever 21 Music" . The electronic dance beat is great to dance along to with friends.

3. EXID (Jeonghwa solo) - Alice

hani, gif, and le image

Coming back with DDD, EXID made everyone heads spin around with a feel good song and sexy dance. Alice Jeonghwas solo on the album is a feel good song, a song to listen to while getting ready for a night out.

4. Super Junior - Good Day for a Good Day

super junior image

Making a comeback after a 2 year hiatus Super Junior comebacks with a classy look and crisp sound of an album. Good Day for a Good Day says it all in the title, it will flip your day.

5. Day6 - Pouring

back, black, and boy image

A head banging song! The type of song that you listened to during your freshman year and cant help but still listing to during your senior year. The sound of the bass, guitar, drums, and keys come together as one creating a AMAZING beat.

Album official title song
1. Twice - Likey
2. Astro - Crazy, Sexy, Cool
3. Exid - DDD
4. Super Junior - Black Suit
5. Day6 - All Alone