1. Choose a topic and write an introduction
I love uplifting people and reminding girls that we are awesome and deserve the best! So I generally go into that sort of category. I also do my introduction, giving a short summary of what my article is about.

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2. Sub-headings
I like to break down my articles in different topic of what I'm talking about so I don't feel like I'm feeding my readers too much information at once, which can get a bit boring for me as well. I also feel like it's easier for someone who doesn't have time to quickly browse through.

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3. Inspirational Pictures
This is my favourite part, second to writing! I love to source out the inspiring pictures I would like to use on my post. The pictures I look for are usually relevant to the sub-heading I'm talking about.

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4. Cover image
I am also on the look out for my cover image whilst sourcing out inspiration for photos.

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5. Check fonts, spelling and punctuation
Once I'm done inserting my images, I usually go back and add bullet points or quotation marks, etc. I also check if I'm happy with how every thing has come together.

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6. Conclusion, collections and links
I then conclude my article with a short goodbye and then add links to my previous articles and my collections to inspire others who may enjoy them as well!

7. Category, hashtags and post!

Once that's all complete to my satisfaction, I choose a category of which is most relevant to my article and then add some hashtags and all is finito! Post Article!!

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Alana - Mae

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