Studying can be difficult, especially when you have a lot of tests per week in different classes.

Sorting, studying, scheduling, and on top of all of that, keeping good grades - some things that some students find extremely difficult

With problems in staying concentrated, or finding the time to do all of these things, I present to you the few helpful tips that I have scraped up from my experience while studying.

Taking Notes

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Taking notes is something quite common, it's where you copy down key context and tips in class for a better chance at the test. Most teachers make it a requirement to take notes, while others make it optional, but you may want to take notes either way.

Try and make your notes as organized as possible to avoid any confusion - doodles probably aren't the best idea unless it's relating to your studying, this may distract you.

_When taking notes, attempt in underlining important events, or make a small content page where you highlight dates with one color, while people are highlighted with another - this will help you keep on task and to study certain things correctly.

Study Throughout The Week

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If you're like most of the educational population, you would know that waiting until the last minute to study is a thing; but we d on't suggest it. Clogging your brain and system with 4 hours straight of studying is not beneficial to you acing this test, but we have a few ideas of how to replace this practice.

Study throughout the week with small sessions inbetween classes, before homework, before bed, and at random times to refresh your brain with the terms and definitions. Don't overwork your brain, make it only 30-60 minutes before giving yourself a break.

Try pop-quizzing yourself and try giving yourself hints in terms. Make yourself remember certain terms with phrases. Example: Bacon Rebellion, Nathan Bacon. Bacon is your keyword, now name something that reminds you of bacon in the context of studying.

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Stay Concentrated

Since there are many concentration disabilities these days in the system, it will be quite hard for most students to stay concentrated when studying. Try these few tips:

Listen To Music
Listening to music can stimulate your mind and make it possible for it to focus. Try putting on some classical music as this can help with concentration and also help you to relax a little.

Isolating Yourself
Find alone time where there is nobody or anything to distract you. Maybe in your room, in an empty-ish library, or maybe in a closet. (yes, im serious). This can make your mind concentrate on what's important rather than wandering to your surroundings.

Finding A Study Buddy
Maybe you're the opposite, and distractions help you focus. Find someone to help you stay on task or talk to about the subject! For some, this works wonders and even helps them remember key things of the studying and projects.

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Split Up Your Tactics

A lot of people love studying in different ways. Quizlet, Notecards, the internet, and much more!

Note Cards
Note Cards will take a while to write out if your study guide is fairly large, but it will be worth it. Note cards can help you remember certain phrases and letters and match them to the correct term or date or phrase. Try it out!

Quizlet is a site where you can search up study guides and answers to tests through your book or other people. You can mix up your studying, add your own study sets, or even find ideas there aswell! It has apps you can use, and different studying types to make you remember even more! It has helped me a TON in the past.


Highlighting your book seems like a 'duh' idea, but it works! Highlighting certain dates can trigger a photogenic memory, which everyone has! Try highlighting different terms with different colors.

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Before The Test

The things you do before the test can mean a lot for your brain and concentration. Drinking the right drinks, sitting in the write place, eating the right foods, it can all help towards making your body 100% prepared to ace this test.

Eating A Good Breakfast/Lunch

_Eating a good meal before the test will supply your body with energy and fuel to make your brain work at its fullest. Don't skip a mean just because you're stressed or nervous, try and slip in a good meal or protein bar before the test(s) to help your body stay on its best side.

Drinking The Right Beverages

Most people would think I would suggest water, as this is the healthiest and most beneficial drink to down when trying to concentrate, but that's not entirely true. Try and drink whatever you were consuming when you were studying. It will trigger a sensor and memory in your brain to help you remember the best.

Sit In The Right Spot

It's the same for where you sit! When sitting, try and pick your normal seat, as sitting elsewhere can jog your memory. Your brain is extraordinary for remembering notes and terms where you were last sitting, which is why sitting in your normal spot can help your brain to remember things. Cool, right!?


If your teacher isn't too strict, try and get up every 5 or so minutes to walk around. Maybe go to the bathroom as an excuse just to wake yourself up. Your brain will go into sync after awhile, so it's hard to break out of that if you don't stand up and wake your body up.

Learn What Works

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You may think broadening your skills and ways when studying is the best way to go, but sometimes it's not. Try not to switch up your routine too much when beginning the study, it's not always the best for your brain and for the coordination that you have.

Try and stick to what works best rather than going to something that may not work the same.

Sleepy Studying

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We get it, studying can be tiring. It's hard to stay awake because it's so.... boring!

Why would someone want to spend their last moments before drifting off into bliss sleep..reading their chemistry study guide?

Surprisingly, it works! Your brain remembers a lot while it's shutting down, that's why when you think you had that "dream", it was actually you just hearing someone speak around you when you were asleep. It's like a studying coma! Sounds crazy, but it works pretty well.

Surroundings & Scents

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Wow, now it seems like I am running out of ideas or tips. Nonsense! This is actually quite the tip, one of my favorites! Ever smelt something and remembered of that time you and your friend baked cookies, or when your mom burnt dinner? Or any situation? That scent can jog your memory, causing you to remember a lot. That's why scents and surroundings are so important!

Surroundings work the same, if you study all of the time in your room, you will always remember certain things when thinking about your room. Crazy, I know!

Not only do essential oils or candles smell good, they calm you down and relax you. Try and pick a scene that makes you happy or calm!

For surroundings, pick a relaxing yet concentrating place, where you can let go and study correctly!

Everyone is different!

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Just remember, these tips may work differently on everyone! Everyone studies their own unique way, so remember to respect differences and allow these to work in your life! Did these not help? Look up some different ways or ask your teacher what to do!

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