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➵ Finish the secondary only with A's

a+, good grades, and get good grades image coffee, college, and school image

➵ Get a boyfriend

couple and love image love, couple, and boy image

➵ Keep the summaries all organized and beautiful

coffee, study, and school image goals, notes, and school image

➵ Go to the prom

dress, red, and Prom image dress, fashion, and Prom image

➵ Meet new people

Image by crystalrainbow girl, best friends, and friends image

➵ Go to a party

fashion, style, and outfit image girl, party, and tumblr image

➵ Go to the finalists' trip

Image by ᴊᴇɴɪ car, girl, and tumblr image
at my school it's for Marina D'or in Spain

➵ Read, read and read

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