Winter is coming, and yes, there may be some very beautiful and cozy things about this season. I agree on that. But there are also some of us, who don't mix that well with the cold windy wintertimes. I love Christmas and I love coziness and indoor activities, but sometimes winter is just boring, wet, cold and grey. So here are some tips to survive this cold wintertime, while you (maybe) look forward to the greener and warmer spring and summer. :D

1. The first tip to survive winter is pretty simple. Get enough sleep. It is said that adult should sleep around 7-9 hours per night, and children even more. So get your zzzzzz's on, it's good for you, you feel happier and healthier after a good night of sleep, and it helps you survive the darker times.

2. Get enough sunlight. If the sun is shining one day, GO out! At this time of the year it is very important, to get all the sun you can get. Because there is not much of it. The daylight makes your brain produce serotonin, which makes you happy and the fresh air makes you sleep better at night. Nature is also good for you, and it has been proven that nature helps prevent stress and depression. So spend as much time outside and in nature as possible.

3. Stay warm. You can not survive winter in a little dress og something like that. You need good warm clothes. Like sweaters, winterboots, scarfs, mittens, hat and so on. You will be so much happier, when you are warm, and dry: so do not forget your raincoat and umbrella if the weather is in that mode.

4. Warm drinks! Like tea, hot chocolate or coffee! :D Hot drinks make you warm and happy from the inside.

5. Vitamins. Yes, you need your vitamins in order to stay happy and healthy. Especially vitamin D is important to prevent depression, and you can only get it from the sun in the months of april-september. So maybe you should consider taking some vitamin pills with vitamin D. You could also just try to eat a lot of fat fish, because they are rich in vitamin D. But you also need all those other vitamins, so make sure you eat a variety of good foods!

6. Music. Music can make you mood better and it's always nice to listen to a good song, and maybe sing along. :D

7. Family and friends. Spend time with your family and friends, don't isolate yourself or something, just because it is the wintertime. There are a lot of fun activities to do in the wintertime like iceskating, Christmas shopping, going to a cafe to get hot coco and so on.

8. Stay under a blanket and read a book or watch TV/netflix. Sometimes you just want to relax and escape from the world, and that is totally okay! :)

I hope you liked these tips and enjoyed this little article. Maybe I will write some more later on.

I hope you all have a good saturday and a lovely weekend!