I lovvvee Christmas time! The lights, the decorations, the presents, the family time, the Christmas tree, EVERYTHING! but more than anything I love the parties! So my article today is going to center around different Christmas Party Ideas:

1. Holiday Talent Show:
From belting out holiday hits to showing off candy cane twirling abilities, your guests will have a laugh filled night while showing off all their incredibly fun holiday talents.

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2. Holiday Movie Marathon:
Tell guests to come over in their comfiest clothes for a holiday movie marathon filled with Christmas flicks and an endless amount of sweet goodies

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3. Worst Present Party:
Instead of spending money trying to outdo your friends on the best present in the gift exchange, bring the worst, in fact have everybody bring the worst present they can find and then have fun with everybody trying to figure out who had the worst

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4. Scrooge Party:
Okay I don't know how it would be possible but if for some reason out of the blue you're tired of the Christmas music and lights playing 24/7 take a break f
or a night with a holiday party fit for scrooge including Chinese food and nothing Christmas related in sight!

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5. Holiday Potluck Party:
Tell all your guests to bring a dish and settle in for a get together fit for foodies. See who can make the sweetest sugar loaded dessert!

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6. White Christmas Party:
Throw on your best snow-colored attire for a true White Christmas Party. There's only one rule: Don't spill the red wine. And of course watch the Classic Christmas Movie with Bing Crosby!

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7. Ugly Sweater Party:
Is it even the holidays without an ugly sweater party? Have your guests take things up a notch this year and turn it into a contest and come up with a Christmas themed prize!

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8. Gingerbread House Decorating Contest:
Who doesn't love a little friendly competition? Find out which of your friends has been hiding some major decorating skills and who shouldn't quit their day job!

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9. Petmas Party:
If any of your friends have dog children, let them bring their pups along for a pet themed party. Bonus points for any pair wearing matching sweaters!

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10. Christmas Cookie Swap:
Christmas cookies are without a doubt one of the best parts of the holidays so why not have a whole party devoted to them? Tell your guests to bring a plate of their favorite kind and then spend the whole not trying every single one!

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11. Ornament Decorating Party:
Sometime's its fun to do arts and crafts, even if were not little kids anymore. So buy a few packs of clear ornaments and art supplies and have everyone make some ornaments they can bring home to spruce up their Christmas tree!

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12. Christmas Cocktail Party:
An entire party for the purpose of drinking multiple holiday-themed cocktails?? Sounds like a hit to me! Tell your friends to get creative and invent their own drinks. Then have a taste test to see whose Christmas drink is the best!

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